Global Sourcing and Distribution activities



Best Brands. Best Quality. Best Service.

BOI brand collections are marketed in 52 countries around the world, with Europe as the largest market, accounting for 85% of sales. Our customers look for original and standout design with a strong focus on detail and quality, expecting outstanding service across all channels. Every garment produced by BOI Group guarantees:

  • Original iconic graphics from designers who reflect the attitude of the brand.
  • Quality fabrics that have been tested, washed, worn and re-tested to keep looking great.
  • Special attention to detail such as labelling, finishing and stitching.
  • Great fitting garments that reflect the very latest trends in styling.

BOI work closely with independent suppliers based in key manufacturing countries such as China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Turkey to cover sourcing requirements. Where in the past high-quality standards were difficult to produce consistently throughout the industry, the BOI Group set up offices at source to work alongside suppliers to educate and oversee the production process. In addition to our offices, BOI Group owns its own production facilities producing around 20% of our volume.

Now established for over 20 years, our sourcing processes are well established; allowing us to deliver over ten million pairs of jeans, five million t-shirts, two million sweats and around one million pieces of outerwear each year.

BOI Group are responsible for our own in-house and licensed brand apparel production as well as acting as a sourcing solution to external customers. This responsibility gives the BOI Group greater buying power and enables all customers (both internal and external) to benefit from the best possible prices, whilst catering for every level of apparel – from entry-level priced volume garments to high end fashionwear.

BOI Group are very much aware of the continued Ethical and Safety concerns within the clothing industry. We ensure the very highest standards of welfare across our supply base, in compliance with both our own and externally audited ethical standards.

Our goods are rigorously tested to the highest industry standards both internally and externally through agencies such as SGS. All of our office staff at source have been fully trained by SGS to conduct factory inspections and final inspections to the industry standards.