About us

Forward thinking, iconic, innovative, design-led.

The foundations of BOI trace back more than two decades to 1994. Since this time, the conglomerate has been a mainstay at the forefront of the men’s fast fashion sector within the UK and indeed worldwide – maintaining a firm understanding of what men want today and successfully anticipating what is going to come next.

BOI has managed to establish its own philosophy, centred upon an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative, original products that espouse exceptional design, quality and value for money.

Our designers operate from the groups Manchester head office, working ceaselessly to stay ahead of the creative curve and ensure each of our brands’ collections showcase only the most contemporary elements and considered nuances before their products reach the marketplace.

Much care has been put into drawing a sure line of distinction between each of our labels. Every brand possesses a unique identity and set of values, every brand is resolutely targeted in a manner that prioritises the personality and attitude of the consumer over merely their age.

Premium quality is a guarantee across the board, as is affordability. It’s a commitment to these core values that has allowed for the continued growth of BOI over the past 2+ decades.

 Sourcing and Distribution

 BOI work in close partnership with a dynamic array of independent international suppliers to cover product sourcing requirements and demand. Moreover, the group owns and operates its own range of production facilities, ensuring that self-imposed meticulous standards are consistently met with ease. Around 20% of the company’s output is produced via internally owned sources.

Our collections are sold in 52 countries all over the world, with those in Europe forming the largest market – accounting for some 85% of our total sales. Our customers in every territory actively seek out original and innovative design with a strong focus on detail and quality.

Every garment we produce guarantees the following as standard:

  • Original graphics from designers who reflect the attitude of the brand
  • Quality fabrics that have been tested, washed, worn and re-tested to ensure they retain their look and feel
  • Special attention to detail such as labelling, finishing and stitching
  • Great fitting garments that reflect the latest trends