Juice Clothing is all about the basics. Looking good and being clothed the right way. There is no fast fashion here, no quick turnarounds and no throwaway branding.

We believe the only way to do fashion correctly is to place sustainability first. Juice strives to do its bit in making the planet a better place to be.

From this, our primary aim is to be as sustainable as possible.

In a saturated market, it’s getting increasingly harder to source and find ethical brands and clothing, when more often than not, price comes before fairness and environmental factors.

We are surrounded by single use, off-the-shelf clothing that is bought and then discarded almost instantly, all at the expense of the planet and her inhabitants.

Juice Clothing is proud to take a stand against this culture. Our products are made using recycled and organic materials, wherever possible. These simple garments are comfy, stylish and have a wide variety of colours.

We bring you that much needed versatility with fits that stand the test of time.

Our various collections are crafted using our most sustainable organic cotton whilst our polyester products are produced by recycling everyday plastics, so we’re doing our part to tackle one of the world’s most problematic environmental issues.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t have to choose between looking good and making ethical fashion choices. Don’t compromise when sourcing staple garments for your wardrobe.