Born Rich


BORN RICH seeks change in a fashion industry that has become increasingly lethargic and unwilling to commit to the innovation responsible for championing it in the first place. An ultra-contemporary menswear brand, we produce collections with an ability to unite individuals of multiple tastes, backgrounds and perceptions.

Our brand foundations are centred upon the philosophy that financial success and prosperity should always come second; that the kind of opulence achieved through the nourishment of human relationships is that which is most worth pursuing – in all circumstances.

One who is born into wealth of community and character has more on their side than one born into mere wealth. To be truly BORN RICH has nothing to do with money.

Designed with ardour in urbane Shoreditch, East London, our products utilise only the finest, most ethically sourced fabrics and technologies to ensure no segment of our diverse clientele ever goes left wanting.